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Time Different #2 - Interview with DINAMO

Type Power – Persistency round the clock, around the globe.

Dinamo is a Swiss type design practice established by Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb, the two work in different locations while time and distance are no boundaries for them.

DINAMO - Fabian Harb (left) & Johannes Breyer (right)

 DINAMO - Fabian Harb (left) & Johannes Breyer (right)


1. Hi Dinamo, What are your time zones now?

Johannes has currently relocated from Berlin to the busy Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, while Fabian wrapped up everything he cares for (his family and an indestructible espresso machine) to embrace tranquility in a cabin somewhere in the woods of Switzerland.

2. Please introduce yourself.

Dinamo is Johannes Breyer & Fabian Harb. We met while studying in Switzerland and followed each others footsteps to Amsterdam and Berlin over the last few years. Since founding Dinamo in 2013 however, we’ve departed in all kinds of directions again, maintaining a dynamic work / life balance across the globe.

3. ANICORN SERIES 000 is built with typeface Grow by Dinamo, can you tell us more about this combination? 

Our friendship with Joe Kwan goes back a bit and we always kept each other posted on design developments. When he told us about his idea for SERIES 000 we just finished GROW, a multi-layered typeface system and since Joe’s design aims for a state of simplicity, it felt really interesting to pair it with FACE A, the most basic and geometric version of our system.

photo by Timothy Schaumburg

 Series 000 - BB on the left (Photos by Timothy Schaumburg)

Grow is designed with the help of a specifically developed software. Its six basic outlines can be compiled to make a total of 63 individual combinations: from light line nestings to solid surfaces and spatial creations.

 Grow Family  by DINAMO

4. Type design is a very delicate and complicated work, how do you see time as a typographer?

Both the reality that comes with an applied job and the total freedom of our own releases, inform our work. One must learn how to best deal with the time available to them. Speed changes depending on which part of the process we are busy with: sketching, refinement, extending of character sets, adding weights or producing. Constantly jumping from one chapter into the other, each demanding a different level of focus, endurance or spontaneity. The moment a typeface departs into the wild, its own timeline begins: the typeface might circulate amongst few insiders for a long period of time, or spread fast over long distances.

5. As a creative collaboration located at two places with time differences, is time a limitation? 

Quite the opposite: its a great opportunity to benefit from the particular thinking or energy that different places entail, as well as, pragmatically speaking, the reality of being able to work double shifts if needed and picking up where the other left off for the bar.

6. Which hour(s) you enjoy the most in a day?

The hour before falling asleep in excitement about what the next day will bring.

7. Can you share your coming plans with us?

By end of 2016 we’ll have published a couple of long-term projects and releases that close a three year circle in what we consider the program Dinamo. That is the Prophet Family as well as Galapagos System which again comes with a physical game and a mobile app. We’re looking forward to work on few custom jobs afterwards and retreat into the shadows of research and unapplied experimentation.

Different Times by DINAMO

 Different Times by DINAMO

Galapagos by DINAMO

Galapagos by DINAMO

Favorit by DINAMO

Favorit by DINAMO



Images and projects by Dinamo
Interview: Joe Kwan, Saki Ho



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